John TredyJohn Tredy is a former Operations Manager looking to transition into Financial Planning, seeking a new and rewarding challenge.

John Tredy is an assertive, take charge administrator who leads by example with a genuinely friendly attitude. Throughout his career, John has understood the importance of building organic relationships in order to achieve success. John has the necessary skills to cultivate authentic connections and motivate teams to reach their full potential. He exhibits a sharpened focus and sincere passion for getting results in any endeavor. 

Executive Experience

An effective business leader, John has over 10 years of operations experience as a Director of Operations. Known for his astute organizational oversight, he has successfully re­engineered ineffective company infrastructure. In addition to his excellent management skills, John has proven expertise in all phases of general accounting, credit and collections, financial planning and franchising.

As a business manager and entrepreneur, John has a proven understanding of how to cultivate a successful business environment. By instilling motivational, leadership and teamwork qualities in new employees, John was able to produce lower employee turnover and achieve significant increases in sales and profits. John Tredy’s experience is invaluable: as an operations leader he has grown sales from $3.5 million to $50 million and increased profitability from 2% to 10%. John has also successfully implemented new departments, including sales, human resources, customer service and accounting ­ in a rapidly growing company. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated the necessary skills to help any business develop and achieve significant growth and success.

Future Ambitions

Moving forward, John Tredy has no plans of slowing down. With a passion for the financial markets and economy, John has his eyes on becoming a certified financial planner. He has a knack for helping others and wants to utilize these skills to assist people with their financial decisions. He enjoys mentoring and developing people, and guiding them to make the right choices in life. John has a keen interest in currency trading and is continually working to expand his knowledge of currency markets both through forex tools and his network of currency trading professionals.

John Tredy attended school at Pace University earning his degree in Accounting and Business Administration. A devoted family man, John loves to spend his free time with his wife and boys. John currently resides in Ringwood, New Jersey with his wife and two sons.

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