Experts expect the stock market to surge through the end of December.. Who doesn’t love an unexpected stock market rally?  That’s if you’re invested in the market.  Many people have made that mistake hoping that the Dow or S&P or NASDAQ could actually act rational.

In 2008 many people lost millions of dollars and many people still can’t retire.  Smart people have said enough is enough – no more gambling for me.  Scary times are ahead, but smart people actually welcome the next stock market crash.  Everyone knows it’s going to happen.  Asset classes are inflated until they burst.  Who is going to get hurt?  It’s the American people.  By keeping money in a corrupt cycle you give bankers permission to pad their pockets even when the market crashes.  A better way exists.  If your storing your money in a 401K plan or IRA’s, you should consider privatizing your wealth with a “Cam IUL”.  It grows tax deferred; it is protected from market crashes, and could provide you with a tax free cash flow for life.

Next week I will give you more details about this!!!

Stay tuned.